Oct 4, 2021

A Parent’s Guide to Senior Portraits

For most parents, senior portraits are a distant memory. They have changed a lot over the last two decades, incorporating more creativity and individuality than ever before.

Seniors have a lot more options available to them, ranging from traditional sessions in a studio to trendy urban shoots. This is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their unique talents, passions, and personality, while also creating a lasting memory. However, with all the available options, portrait sessions can quickly become overwhelming for both parents and seniors. Let’s make that a little more simple, why don’t we?

Here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for your child’s upcoming senior session.

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Make a Note of the Yearbook Deadline

Knowing the yearbook deadline encourages parents to schedule a senior session instead of putting it off until the last minute. Don’t forget that infamous yearbook ad! For this, you’ll definitely want photos that show off your senior’s personality. Don’t settle for the traditional (yet boring) drape and tux photo. And remember, during busy season, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive the final images, so plan accordingly.

Keep Your Senior’s Schedule in Mind

As a parent of a senior, you already know how frantic their schedules can be. Before you go ahead and schedule a session, sit down with your senior to discuss a good time. They should be just as involved in the planning as you are. Even the specific time of day matters when scheduling a senior session. Ideally, you want to take photos just after sunrise and just before sunset, as this is when I get that gorgeous golden light.

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Compromise With Your Child

You may have a specific idea about the photos you would like to see, but this is about your child an what makes them feel confident and comfortable. Most senior sessions allow for several outfit changes, so use this as an opportunity to find a happy balance between what you want and what your senior wants. Be patient and hear them out before you brush off their ideas. Their portraits should represent who they are and what they love. Not what mom, dad or grandparents want to see.

Encourage Sharing

Prior to a senior session, get your child to open up about their passions, hopes, and dreams. This information will help guide the shoot and ensure the most authentic photos. My senior questionnaire makes this incredibly easy! Knowing what your senior wants these photos to represent will also guide their outfit and location choices. Don’t forget to include your senior in the search for a photographer – a photographer’s style needs to fit in with the images your senior wants to create.

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  1. […] Ready to book your senior session and in need of a few tips for beautiful senior portraits? Here are a few of my favorite bits of advice to clients. 1. Make sure the outfits you choose are freshly ironed and fit properly. There’s not much worse than having a gorgeous night and perfect poses, yet having wrinkled clothing. It immediately pulls your eye right in and looks sloppy. 2. Stay far, far away from self-tanner and tanning beds. Self-tanner is a huge no-no as it results in blotchy skin coloring and looks unnatural. Avoid tanning beds several days before the session as well. 3. Go with practiced hairstyles. Get your haircut about a week before your session and don’t get crazy with a brand new hairstyle. Friends and family (and yourself!) want to remember you as you looked this year, not just on the day of your senior portraits. Caroline, a current Blessed Trinity senior, kept all three of those tips in mind for her recent session. I had a great time exploring Garrard Landing Park with Caroline. She is so very sweet, polite and a ballerina! I can’t wait to hear what she does next! Are you a parent looking for even more tips for beautiful senior portraits? Just click here! […]