Oct 28, 2021

Three Tips For Beautiful Senior Portraits

Ready to book your senior session and in need of a few tips for beautiful senior portraits?

Here are a few of my favorite bits of advice to clients.

1. Make sure the outfits you choose are freshly ironed and fit properly. There’s not much worse than having a gorgeous night and perfect poses, yet having wrinkled clothing. It immediately pulls your eye right in and looks sloppy.

2. Stay far, far away from self-tanner and tanning beds. Self-tanner is a huge no-no as it results in blotchy skin coloring and looks unnatural. Avoid tanning beds several days before the session as well.

3. Go with practiced hairstyles. Get your haircut about a week before your session and don’t get crazy with a brand new hairstyle. Friends and family (and yourself!) want to remember you as you looked this year, not just on the day of your senior portraits.

Caroline, a current Blessed Trinity senior, kept all three of those tips in mind for her recent session. I had a great time exploring Garrard Landing Park with Caroline. She is so very sweet, polite and a ballerina! I can’t wait to hear what she does next!

Are you a parent looking for even more tips for beautiful senior portraits? Just click here!

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