Nov 24, 2015

Things they say

Allison to Caroline: *blah blah blah* because your fingers are NEVER CLEAN!!

Caroline:  WHHHHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?  I wash them every time I go to the bathroom!!


Caroline:  ……AND I even went to the bathroom TODAY!

Allison:  Uh……okay.

*for some reason this cracked me up.  

carolinelocationtester copy

And the following are from the summer when we were on vacation, but I’m just now putting them down here on the blog.

Caroline:  If you see an alligator just run zig zag ’cause they can only run straight.


Allison on mutton bustin:  It’s really not bad.  It’s just…….THE SLOWEST seconds of your life.


Caroline:  What does my jacket say right here?

Me:  Columbia

Her:  Oh.  Well THAT’S a long way.


Caroline:  Here.  Take this band-aid paper trash for me.

Me:  Where’d you get a band-aid?

Her:  Found it on the ground in the parking lot and now it’s on my body.

Me:  WHYYYYYY???!!!

Her:  Because.  I don’t want it to be wasted and the ground be dirty.


Tony:  ….yeah, that’s because rich people’s poop doesn’t stink.

Allison:  Well.  We aren’t rich people then.  We are just people with enough money.




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  1. Lashawn says:

    The light and her hair blowing are perfect! And I’m laughing at everything she says. Kids crack me up