Mar 12, 2018

things they say

Caroline: Not trying to be rude to his mom or dad or anything, BUT what kind of name is GOD?  I mean c’mon.  They must’ve thought their kid was really special.


Me (tickling Josie): What’s this?  What. Is. This?!?
Josie (through mounds and mounds of giggling): My gickle! My gickle!


Caroline: I’m taking my swimsuit to Italy cause you know you said we are going on a boat?
Me: Yes, I did say we are probably going on a boat, but that’s in Venice.
Caroline: I know. That’s why I’m taking my swimsuit.
Me:  But. But. It’s not THAT kind of boat.
Caroline: It’s a boat.  I’m taking my suit.
Me:  It’s March.  It’s not a boat for swimming.  It’s a boat for travel.
Caroline: Like I said.  I’m taking my suit.


Me: Did you think the Globetrotters were a real team when I showed you that video of them?
Allison: I thought they were tap dancers.


Me: If you could move to any part of the world, where would you move?
Caroline: The west.
Me: Oh! So maybe near the Grand Canyon or maybe California?
Caroline: No. Because WEST. I would move WEST. You know? Like Never Eat Soggy Waffles? W-E-S-T? Like….WAFFLES? Because WEST? Waffles are WEST and I love waffles?
Me: I’d move to Ireland
Caroline (sits silently for a minute): Oh. Yeah that’s a good one.


Caroline: Where’s the soccer game tomorrow?
Me: It’s in Atlanta somewhere.
Caroline (proving that we never leave our 10 mile radius bubble): WHERE EVEN IS THAT?!


Caroline (telling us about the Escape Room birthday party she attended): I didn’t make it out.
Me: Oh, man that stinks. So, weren’t you supposed to sleepover then? Why are you even here at the house?!
Caroline: Well, they gave me one of those stickers that says ‘I *almost* escaped’. BUT! I secretly switched it for an ‘I escaped one’. It’s sitting over there on the kitchen counter right this second.


Me: walks downstairs wearing my puffy-ish vest. Thinking and feeling like I look all cute.
Allison: Hey. What’s with the life preserver? You in the Coast Guard or something?

(that last one will mean nothing to you unless you’re a Back to the Future fan)




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